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“Ntinna a mari”: a traditional game in Cefalù

On 6 August, Cefalù celebrates SS. Salvatore, the patron saint of the town. Among the various recreational events, there is a particular and ancient challenge called “la Ntinna a mari”-

This is a game in which 17 boys or men from fishing families of Cefalù participate. The participants have to walk on a 16-meter-long wooden beam, fixed to the pier and made smooth with animal fat, and manage to catch the flag on its end. On the flag is depicted the face of the patron saint.

These events have a dual purpose: to celebrate the patron saint of the town and to entertain and involve the public. For this reason, some inhabitants take advantage of the occasion to wear clothes that are not suitable for the occasion or even ridiculous outfits.

The “Ntinna a mari” is an integral part of Cefalù’s culture and emphasises typical Sicilian values: religiosity, brotherhood, warmth, cheerfulness and respect for traditions. A spectacle not to be missed!

Ph: Cinzia Marsala