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Dalla Valle del Berillo alle creste della Prace experience - Hotel Riva del Sole Cefalù

From the Berillo Valley to the peaks of the Prace

There is an enchanted valley between Gratteri and Gibilmanna, in Valle Nasca, above a stone chapel that people call “tribunedda”. This place has always aroused the curiosity of treasure seekers, among the rugged peaks of the Prace mountain massif, in the districts that shepherds call Rocca Dinàru (Rocca del Denaro) and Lavanca Vrilli (the Berillo Valley).

Popular tales tell of shiny crystals set in the rock, above Piano Morto. It is precisely these gems – commonly called beryl – that have made the small Madonite citadel of Gratteri famous since ancient times, as Fazello wrote in the century. XVI: “Gratterium oppidum Berillo noble stone“.

It’s actually a colorless and transparent rock crystal, commonly known as hyaline quartz, which in nature is found in various forms – rough stones, spikes and druses – considered by ancient peoples the stone of the seer, due to its virtues. hypnotic and divinatory.

Our excursion will start right from that valley, we will climb the highest peaks of Monte della Prace, up to the sinkhole, the Prace, Ciacca and Macabbubbo abyss. After a refreshment in Piano Prato, in front of a breathtaking panorama, we will descend towards Gratteri, but not before having made a stop at the Grotta Grattàra, to discover the naturalistic beauties and the legends of a cave with a very clear source which, according to tradition, gave its name to the village of Gratteri itself.

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