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The unforgettable walk along the Cefalù seafront

To start your holiday in Cefalù, there is nothing better than a walk along the seafront, a very long beach of fine golden sand, on which it is a real pleasure to walk while admiring the characteristic historic houses overlooking the sea.
Let yourself be carried away by the sound of the waves and enjoy a day lying in the sun choosing from the many beaches that you will find along your walk: Lido apollo, Lido Poseidon, Lido Peter Pan.
The fine sand and clear, shallow water are perfect for those unable to swim and for families with children.

If during your stay on the beach you start to feel peckish, go to the GelAntico pastry shop: they will delight you with their homemade ice cream (with the gluten-free variant) and their fresh and delicious Sicilian granitas.

For the evening, the promenade offers several places to suit each taste. If you want to eat a good pizza against the backdrop of the Cefalù seafront, take a trip to the Il Ragno d’oro restaurant-pizzeria which offers tasty pizzas cooked in a wood oven.

If you want to enjoy some music, come to Maljk or Le Vele: start the evening with an aperitif and end up on the dance floor dancing to some disco music.

But if you are looking for a quieter place to enjoy a few hours alone by the sea, you only need to move over a few kilometers. Some beaches located not far from Cefalù such as the beach of Mazzaforno, Capo Playa or the beach of Settefrati will do it for you; they are excellent for water sports lovers who practice snorkeling – thanks to the presence of crystal clear waters – and windsurfing – due to the favorable winds in the area.